Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Revamp...

Well I've been thinking of revamping the '7 Card Draw' blog for a quite a while, adding some color and finally today I had some inspiration. I've been working on it for the last few hours. Hope everyone likes it.



I'd like to thank 'Paper Street Designs' for the use of their scrapbooking papers. They have a ton of digital scrapbooking supplies, even free items. Which are personal and commercial use OK. I recommend them to all. The scrapbook paper pack that I used for this layout is called 'Wet Paint', I changed it a bit by using a dry brush filter in photoshop.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 2011 Prize Pool

Here are a few of the ACEO's that were added to the prize pool in July.

leepierce - Ted E. Bear, in Paris

Lazyhawk - At the Beach, Lighthouse

alwaysartistic - Runaway Balloon

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2011 Winner

Sandra of nitelvr got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose.

July 2011 Challenge List

leepierce - Hansel and Grethel

These are the challenges for June 2011:

Your favorite Fairy Tale.
2012 Presidential Run

*Originally Challenged on the 7 Card Draw Team*

June 2011 Winner

Lee of leepierce got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose.
Raedawn - Dolphin Love

johnniebelinda - Iceberg

alwaysartistic - Through the broken window

pinkglitterfae - The Lonely Mermaid

Lazyhawk - Zen Jungle

tapestry316 - Does This Tail Make Me Look Fat

rsully2sphotography - Beach Rainbow

June 2011 Prize Pool

Here are a few of the ACEO's that were added to the prize pool in June.

leepierce - Art Secrets Revealed

INKco - untitled

Sunday, July 3, 2011

ACEO Challenge #14

Our "Father’s Day – Ties" Challenge had some really creative entries and again the voting was great. Roxanne of is our winner! Congratulations to Roxanne.

Welcome to July and challenge #14! Before participating please make sure you have read the about page. That way you have an idea how things work.
I would like to propose a new way of determining the winning artwork. I would like to have some jurors judging the work and have a peoples choice award. The job of the juror would be to email me with their selections. I‘m looking for 5 jurors with each juror selecting between 3 - 5 works depending on the number of entries received. In the event of a tie, I would be the tie breaker. The peoples choice award would be the most popular of all the votes (from everyone – juror and non-juror). I can make up a badge similar to the ACEO Winner badge designed by Sunshineshelle for the jurors to display on the site of their choice and a new badge for the Peoples Choice award.

"At the Beach

You may enter up to 3 ACEO's each challenge. Have fun everyone.

When you are ready, upload your ACEO to one of your shops and/or your blog. Then come back here and enter the web address using the inlinkz button below the post, it will display each ACEO at the bottom of the challenge post. Then others can click on the links to visit all of the ACEO’s created for that challenge and may buy the ACEO if they like it.

You have until 11:59p.m. Eastern Time on July 24th to submit your ACEO's. Voting begins on July 25th and ends 12:01a.m. Eastern Time on July 31st.

When voting begins come back to this challenge post. Down at the bottom under the thumbnails you will be able to vote for your favourite ACEO. Each IP address may vote once per challenge.

This Month's Sponsor
Zenobia Southcombe of Zenobia has offered a digital / ink art portrait as seen here It looks like a really exiting prize!

A little about Zenobia.
I’m a teacher, art tutor, and emerging artist in Auckland, New Zealand. I have a passion for all these things, and I especially love seeing progress, and assisting learning. I’m quite reserved but value people highly, and I also enjoy gaming, reading, photography, Dragonball Z, and the humble Uke.