Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012 Prize Pool

Here are just a few of the ACEO's created for May...

 LindaTalbott - Shaman's Space

WatercolorsorElse - May Flowers

 alwaysartistic - Untitled Abstract

LazyHawk - Summer Sunshine

May 2012 Winner

This month Lee was chosen, but kindly gave up her win, so that I could have a turn. I have been running the 7 Card Draw since the beginning, and ran the ACEO Bounty challenges for a while before that. I never felt right about being a winner... Thank you so much Lee for being so thoughtful... This was so much fun! 

Pam of
alwaysartistic got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose. 

Artwork above is by the following artists: 

Also I received a few beautiful extras... Kathy (tapestry316) sent 4 ACEO's... including Mr. Random Dude who is holding a sign that says VOTE PAM... so cute :), also she sent a set of giraffe patterned pencils, Lee (WatercolorsorElse) sent a beautiful lighthouse ACEO, and Marlene (Lazyhawk) sent a Tranquil Lake.

Thank you girls... I love everything!!!

May 2012 Challenge List

LazyHawk - Purple Berry

These are the challenges for May 2012:
It is all about the Berries
Show me the May Flowers (cause I'm sick of April showers)

*Originally Challenged on the 7 Card Draw Team*