Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 2010 Prize Pool

These are just a few of the ACEO's that were added to the prize pool in November.

pinkglitterfae - Owl Snow Angel

leepierce - Little Angels 2

November 2010 Winner

Carole of rsully2spendants got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose.

leepierce - YUM! oops

Raedawn - Road Thru the Snow

Raedawn - Bunny

 lazyhawk - Sunflowers

BrokenMuse - Imperfect Beauty

alwaysartistic - Black Foal

kreationkween72 - Bulldog Mermaid

November 2010 Challenge List

leepierce - Angel Babies

These are the challenges for November 2010:

Snow Angels
Create a new animal and give it a name. (combine 2 known animals or an entirely new species.)
Icicles Starry Sky
Family Traditions (Christmas, food, summer, etc)
Gingerbread (People, Cookies, Houses, etc)

*Originally Challenged on the 7 Card Draw Team*