Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 2009 Winner

tapestry316 - Rain for Simangele

Chris (ideasign) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in May 2009. The above ACEO is just one of the cards he won.

The winner of the mini ACEO Bounty thread was Kathy (tapestry316), she wins 1 card from the ACEO Bounty.

Congrats Chris & Kathy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 2009 Challenge List

These are the challenges for May 2009: 

An aceo that depicts: Go fly a kite.
Wisdom from our Mother.
An ACEO that shows a baby animal adopted by a different kind of animal.
Moon Faces
Household Appliances (Fan, Computer, stove, tv, etc)
Create a card depicting an uncommon animal. (aardvark, mongoose, squid, etc)
make an ACEO of a charactor or scene from your favorite book.
Painted nails, finger nails or toe nails!
Create an ACEO that shows your favorite thing about American Idol
ACEO inspired by your favorite song..or one of your favorite songs.
Decorative Flower Urns & Pots
flying cookies
Cool treats for the summer
a child mermaid in a kiddie pool!

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*