Thursday, July 26, 2012

ACEO Challenge #22

The Summer Olympics for 2012 start today - July 27th and run until August 12th. They are taking place in London. And so that is the new challenge.  We want you to show us what you can come up with. Depict a sport, honor your country,  do a portrait of an Olympic athlete, what ever you want. To find out more about the 2012 Summer Olympics visit wikipedia


Be sure to read the rules at the left side of the blog before participating so you understand how everything works.

When you are ready, upload your ACEO's to one of your shops and/or your blog. Then come back here and enter the web address using the Inlinkz button below this post, Each ACEO entry will be displayed at the bottom of the challenge post. Then others can click on the links to visit all of the ACEO’s created and explore the various blogs and on line stores. Don't forget, each artist may enter 3 ACEO's each.

You have until 11:59pm Mountain Time on August 12th, 2012 to submit your ACEO's. Voting begins on August 13th and ends 11:59pm Mountain Time on August 19th.

When voting begins come back to this challenge post. Down at the bottom under the thumbnails you will be able to vote for your favourite ACEO. Each IP address may vote once per challenge. After you vote, you may have to click on your refresh button to see the results.

The Prizes:

1st Place will win a mini Smash Book / Art Journal from Pam of alwaysartistic - I had wanted to do Olympic colors but I don't have the right shades, so it is dark blue, red, yellow and green - I didn't have any black paper but that would look good in it too. Plus a package of ten 140 lb cold press watercolor blanks.

The journal consists of: 2 cardboard front and back covers, 2 book rings, 1 Olympic page on canon matte paper - my printer was not co-opperating as I am out of ink and so it has a few streaks through it... you can find a picture and print a replacement if you want.... plus 16 140 lb watercolor paper pages, 1 plastic page protector, 7 canon matte paper, 3 Hallmark mini envelopes, 2 misc pages not sure what they are, 13 cardstock papers (which include 3 tabbed, and 2 double pages) 

2nd Place wins the below items from Marlene of Lazyhawk. 
The first picture is some packets of items for using in Smash Books or Art Journals. 

The second is a deck of cards that was made by artists that belong to the big group "ACEO Art Cards and Editions" on Ebay.  Each card was designed by a different artist (Marlene was one of the artists) as were the Jokers and the cover of the box. It is a limited edition.

3rd Place wins an ACEO from Lee Pieces shop. The below image shows just a few currently in her shop.

The People's Choice winner wins a package of ten 140 lb cold press watercolor blanks.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 2012 Prize Pool

Here are just a few of the ACEO's created for July...

 Linda Talbott - Storm
Lee Pierce - Storm

Paper Dot Dog - Red the Chicken

July 2012 Challenge List

Lazyhawk - Painted Bunting

These are the challenges for July 2012:


*Originally Challenged on the 7 Card Draw Team*

July 2012 Winner

Marlene of Lazyhawk got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose. 

 Linda Talbott - Field of Poppies

 Linda Talbott - Up and Away

Lee Pierce - Who You Calling Chicken ?

Lee Pierce - Fuzzy

Nitelvr - Treasures

alwaysartistic - Buttons and Bows

tapestry316 - Toys and Games