Monday, January 30, 2012

7 Card Swap... January 2012...

We thought we'd have some fun with a swap, here are the ACEO's... I will update this post as the ACEO's arrive at their destinations.

What I did was I wrote everyone's names on a piece of paper, stuck them in a box... and mixed up. Then I pulled them out 1 by 1 and put each name side by side, the first person sent to the person to the right, the last person sent to the 1st person!

Details are under the pictures... Click on the user names to visit the individual Etsy shops.

Linda (Raedawn) sent to Pam (alwaysartistic)

Pam (alwaysartistic) sent to Mel (BrokenMuse)

Mel (BrokenMuse) sent to Lee (LeePierce)

Lee (LeePierce) sent to Betty (pinkglitterfae)

Betty (pinkglitterfae) sent to Kathy (tapestry316)

Kathy (tapestry316) sent to Marlene (Lazyhawk)

Marlene (Lazyhawk) sent to Linda (Raedawn)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Prize Pool

Here are just a few of the ACEO's created for January...

tapestry316 - One Great Hound Dog

raedawn - The Wise Heart

pinkglitterfae - A Tender Glance

January 2012 Challenge List

brokenmuse - The Heart's The Thing

These are the challenges for January 2012:

Valentine's Day

*Originally Challenged on the 7 Card Draw Team*

January 2012 Winner

Lee of LeePierce got to choose 7 ACEO's as her prize from this month's prize pool, below are the 7 cards she chose.

nannysroom - Crashing Waves

raedawn - Road Through The Snow

pinkglitterfae - Sing Out Loud

alwaysartistic - Fall Abstract 1
Double Sided ACEO

alwaysartistic - Fiery
Double Sided ACEO

lazyhawk - Fractured Ego

tapestry316 - Merry Arizona Christmas

ACEO Challenge #20

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012, eh?

Our winner for the Out Your Window challenge is Gloria of New End Studios. We have a tie for the People’s Choice Award – Martha of Ayala Art and Katie of Mossy Rocks Designs. Congratulations ladies!

This month’s challenge is….
……..What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Instead of using your Left Brain to write them down, use your Right Brain and draw, paint, collage, or sew them. Take up to three of your resolutions and create an ACEO of each of them. Use the medium of your choice. Get creative.

When you are ready, upload your ACEO to one of your shops and/or your blog. Then come back here and enter the web address using the Inlinkz button below this post, Each ACEO entry will be displayed at the bottom of the challenge post. Then others can click on the links to visit all of the ACEO’s created and explore the various blogs and on line stores.

You have until 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on January 25th, 2012 to submit your ACEO's. Voting begins on January 26th and ends 12:01am Eastern Standard Time on January 31st.

When voting begins come back to this challenge post. Down at the bottom under the thumbnails you will be able to vote for your favourite ACEO. Each IP address may vote once per challenge. After you vote, you may have to click on your refresh button to see the results.