Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 2009 Challenge List

These are the challenges for April 2009: 

Create a card using the alcohol inks / distress inks / embossing powder technique.
Anything that depicts the Mother/Daughter relationship.
I challenge anyone to make an aceo of a horse looking across a valley from a mountain with pretty mountain views visable.
Two animals together that are natural enemies.
Create an ACEO that depicts your earliest memory as a child.
Kurt Cobain
Rainy Days

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

Friday, April 24, 2009

March 2009 Challenges

These are the challenges for March 2009: 

The Ugly birds (The ones that are not so pretty to look at!
Choose some Australian Slang to depict as art
paint or draw a still life of your 'collection'
Use an Unusual Perspective
Depict an animal normally perceived as ugly, but make them cute or pretty.
Gardens :)
Spring Babies
Easter eggs
Draw or Paint a bird of some type

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

February 2009 Challenge List

These are the challenges for February 2009: 

The Camera's Eye
Bridges (I especially love Covered Bridges)
Australian Animals! (Koala's, Kangaroos, etc.)
Dolphins & Whales
Draw or paint A Musical Statement
Anything small in this world or in fantasy worlds
Take a vocabulary word and turn it into an images but do not paint the actual word itself. Example: firefly...don't paint a firefly but instead paint something with fire and a fly...
Karjalan Piirakat - a delicious salty Finnish pastry!

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

April 2009 Winner

juneblue - Hills and Sky

Kathy (tapestry316) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in April 2009. She says “I WON! *Doing happy dance around the room!* But what did I win? Well, I won the mini ACEO Bounty for April 15th!!! I am really excited because I will be receiving lots of ACEOs in the mail over the next few weeks as part of my mini Bounty "booty"! Woohoo!”

February 2009 Winner

bellsakabin - hanging holder for an ACEO in a Rigid Toploader

Marta (martaharvey) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in FEBRUARY 2009. The above ACEO holder was included with the ACEO's she won.

March 2009 Winner

leepierce - Bright Bird at Home

Pam (alwaysartistic) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in MARCH 2009. The above ACEO is just one of the cards she won. She won ACEO's from the following artists: readingsully2, bellsakabin, martaharvey, leepierce, juneblue, Lazyhawk, artistsuetaylor, tapestry316, WorldOfMoments, pinkglitterfae. Once all of her booty arives she will take one big picture to share.

December 2008 Winner


Sarah (Cerra) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in DECEMBER 2008. The above ACEO is just one of the cards she won.

January 2009 Winner

Juana (GalleryJuana) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in January 2009. She says “Hurray! The artists of the beautiful ACEO cards below are as follows: tapestry316, Art2ArtColorado, lyekka, pinkglitterfae, TheCreatorsPalette, alwaysartistic, artistsuetaylor, Lazyhawk, readingsully2, WorldOfMoments, bellsakabin.

October 2008 Winner

AnamiBlue - Halloween Themed ACEO

Barbara (BaRbaRaGIOrDaNoArt) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in OCTOBER 2008. The above ACEO is just one of the ACEO's she won.

November 2008 Winner

kjsartist - Black Bird Having Cake in the Park

Melanie (TheCreatorsPalette) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in November 2008. The above ACEO is just one of the ACEO's she won.

August 2008 Winner

Kerry (thegreenefairy) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in January 2009. These are the cards she won. She says “I won all these ACEO's! I can't believe it-- I never win anything-- yeah!!!! :) ”

September 2008 Winner

tapestry316 - Rain for Simangele

Hope (harvestorm) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in September 2008. The above ACEO is just one of the cards she won. She says “On Monday, September 15, I received a most wonderful and unexpected e-mail from Etsy Artist, bellsakabin, the amazingly talented and ingenious creator of the wildly popular “ACEO Bounty” Challenge. She was writing to inform me that I was the lucky winner of the September Mini Bounty.

What does that mean?

It means that I had won 33 ACEOs from a wide variety of extremely talented Etsy Artists, along with 2 ACEO Mats for framing and 1 cleverly designed ACEO Hanging Display. All in all, not including the shipping costs for these items, my windfall prize was worth $168.43! If you include what would have been the cost for shipping, since I didn't even have to pay for any of that, the overall value of my Mini Bounty Win totals $197.08! That's nearly $200!!”

July 2008 Winner

Sonja (lyekka) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in JULY 2008. Look at the loot she won!

June 2008 Winner

Carole (readingsully2) won the ACEO Mini Bounty in June 2008. These are the cards she won.

January 2009 Challenge List

These are the challenges for January 2009: 

Winter around the world!
Footprints in the Sand
ACEO's done by young children or pets
Goddess with Bling
A Special Blessing
Deep Freeze
depict yourself trying to complete all of the Bounty Challenges
Depict "moment"
depicts trees in winter time
depict true love, in greyscale, with an addition of one color
Depict the changing times over the years

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

December 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for December 2008: 

turn yourself into a superhero
Christmas Snow Globes
Using any medium make a Christmas Kitty
Skating rinks and skating
Scrooge (bah, humbug!)
Childhood Christmas Tradition
Depict the search for bellsakabin AKA Belinda
an ACEO based on your favorite Christmas Carol
An ACEO using only text to create an image
Wishing Well
a Caique Parrot
Depict a child's toy
depict the saying "Just Horsing Around"
Rain Dance
New Years Resolutions
Promises (both kept and broken)

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

October 2008 Challenge List

tapestry316 - The Rescue of Mr Random Dude

These are the challenges for October 2008: 

Impression of an artist’s “nic” name or identity
Sibling Rivalry
Create an ACEO based on Sacred Geometry
Create an ACEO image of a game board
Odd Socks
Home or Herbal Remedies
lighting of the Hanukkah candles scene
Old Flame
Paint your marbles
Anything that lives in water (even if only part time)
Depict the rescue of “Mr Random Dude”
Impressions of a Night Sky
Create your own unique cartoonish character (eg. Dr.Suess)
Sleepless Nights
Depict any run in you have had with an animal
Depict a really pissy mad cow!
Working in dark colors try to express a sinister mood to some familiar place or thing
create a Zentangle card
Draw or paint a Hero
Do an ACEO that depicts a Harvest Moon
Page 958 – WorldOfMoments .......... Fingerpainting
Page 962 – Ulixis .......... a scary looking dragon!
Page 963 – alwaysartistic .......... Watering Cans
Page 963 – lyekka .......... Mrs Santa
Page 965 – artistsuetaylor .......... Star Trek, the original series
Page 975 – bellsakabin .......... Pussy Willow
Page 982 – WorldOfMoments .......... A spoof on your fav. TV character
Page 987 – bellsakabin .......... Dogwood
Page 990 – alwaysartistic .......... Dandelions
Page 992 – tapestry316 .......... Christmas Around the World
Page 994 – readingsully2 .......... create ACEO’s representing major cities of the 50 States “OR” representing the 50 States of the USA
Page 995 – bellsakabin .......... Zebra Grass
Page 996 – alwaysartistic .......... dreams
Page 1000 – alwaysartistic .......... Rockets
Page 1000 – WorldOfMoments .......... animals in winter
Page 1001 – bellsakabin .......... Peacock Fern
Page 1003 – kjsartist .......... Altered Art Playing Cards
Page 1008 – Snitterdog .......... first love
Page 1009 – bellsakabin .......... Tiger Lily
Page 1011 – harvestorm .......... Etsy Treasuries/Treasury Hunting

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

November 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for November 2008: 

Tea Cup dogs in Tea Cups!
Reasons to be thankful
bunnytails grass
Favorite Christmas Tradition
Medieval times
Dalmatian bellflower
Staghorn Fern
Elephant Ears
Create a Bouquet of “Animal Named Flowers”
The North Pole as you imagine it to look
Away with the Fairies
Mad woman cleaning house!
changing seasons
Create a Paper Sculpture ACEO
“Your Family” Christmas Tradition (or other tradition celebrated every year, whatever time of year that may be.)
A Boy's first Love
A Girl's first Love
create a snowflake ACEO
Christmas Gift Bags
Figure Skaters & Accessories
Three Wise Monkeys (plus one)
First think, then say, then do
Depict the "AFTERMATH"
Create a card depicting your inner self
Create your own Iris Folding Pattern

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

September 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for September 2008: 

Create art from slogans (eg. from thread called “slogans for ETSY panties”)
Gardens of any kind
Create a logo for the London UK Olympics in 2012
Anything religious
Create an ACEO that looks like a jigsaw puzzle
Anything fantasy related
Noah's Ark
Frida Kahlo
Praying mantis
Using ink or pencil, draw something using continuous lines. Don't pick the pen/pencil up off the paper
Street Scenes
Rust Belt
create Using One Shape (eg. circles, triangles, squares, hexagons)
Beauty of Autumn
Girl's Night Out
Create an ACEO using Multiple Shapes to build the image
Creation starts with nothing …then we add a bit of color
caves or caverns

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

August 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for August 2008: 

Using two colors and one shade (black/white) create your next ACEO
Make an ACEO with a faux tile background
Series of 3, same subject (different colors, angles, lighting)
Parrots, any type!
Depict: Universal Sign
At the Zoo (Zoo Animals, cages, gift shops, etc.)
An aceo collage made from fabric
Create a statement about the impact of humans on the environment
Fractured Vision
use two different mediums (one you’ve never used before)
Trains! Anything and all things trains!
Combine abstraction and realism in a cityscape
Draw something without looking at the paper or card while you are drawing it
Your favorite song translated into a painting
your favorite food! (ie: hot dogs, toast, spaghetti, etc)
Cloud Shapes …can you see a ?
Create a collaboration with another ACEO Bounty Artist!
School Days
Pregnant fairy
Post Cards
Pumpkin (carved or uncarved)
Winter or Christmas Themes
Otters and Ravens
make a turquoise and black paisley aceo
Create a paint splattered ACEO
Rainbow Bridge
Summer Olympics
Be inspired by your best friend
Calendar Fairies
social rules
create something miniature on your miniature ACEO
Old English Sheep Dogs dressed up like the Village People!!!
Anything nostalgic
Represent who YOU are on a card by revealing 5 things about yourself.
Create an ACEO 3D Landscape
a good cause (something that tugs the heartstrings)
the one that got away
Corn (Corn on the Cob / Corn Stalks, etc)
create an ACEO depicting your favorite nursery rhyme
Anything Shakespeare
Dairy (Cows, Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, things made with Dairy, etc.)
Any holiday theme
Trees; I just love them and have started to collect tree cards
Draw without looking and then add to it however you wish!
theme of Arachne the Spider 13 sign of zodiac
Sinister place or feeling using dark tones
Sea Monster themed ACEO.
A faerie sitting on a puzzle piece

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

July 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for July 2008: 

Trompe l'oeil (technique - 3D object - optical illusion)
Quirky twist on a traditional fairy tale character
do a card 'plein aire' (sketch something outdoors)
Hand Pulled Print created using vegetable stamps
Create an ACEO using a Black & White vintage photo
An ACEO of your favorite city
Cartoon Series – One ACEO with 4-6 cells telling a story or a series of ACEO’s
Cartoons and or Cartoon Characters you grew up watching! (please consider copyright issues)
A poem or quote with matching illustrations
The Monster from your last nightmare!!!!
Fairs, Carnivals, Amusement Parks, etc.
Tour de France
Anything to do with Sewing
Beach Scenes any medium
Double sided ACEO
Moveable parts & paper doll)
In any media - portray a wild animal that lives in your area!
what type of animal represents who you are
A Firey Sky! (A sky that looks like it's on fire!)
Direct Opposite …take any challenge and do the direct opposite.
Through a pet's eyes (through the eyes of a pet)
Anything to do with the tropical jungle look
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!!
Husky Dogs
Paint or draw, with the wrong hand AND do it upside down
Sunrise or Sunset over water
Personify an animal of any kind
Paradise or Hell or Heaven
Show me what spirituality means to you
Secrets (your biggest secret or secrets in general & why keep them)
A traditional Siamese cat

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

June 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for June 2008: 

Paint your favorite local landmark
Favorite Toy from your childhood
Nancy Drew
Create an ACEO Wedding Ring Pillow
A Blue Jeans Fairy
Graffiti Art
A Dryad (tree nymph).
Wax Relief Painting (art technique, Scratch Art)
use a button or multiple buttons on an ACEO
Create an ACEO with a soldier on it
Summertime and the Livin' is Easy!
paint (or whatever!) the Garden of Eden
Too Hot to Handle!
Do a surreal card in two complimentary colors
make a highly textured aceo
July 4th or just a July fairy or pixie or an angel
Create an ACEO with an Italian theme
Home Sweet Home
Any Medium: F-105 jet flying
Any medium: An A-10 Warthog jet plane flying
Dot-To-Dot …Create without using ANY lines …only dots
Lucky Girls
create a total *BLING* card
Birds Of Prey
Make a pop-up 3-D card
Any medium: Chicago Band
Water that Refreshes (i.e.: Pool, Ocean, Lake, or Desert Oasis, etc.)
Political Cartoon
A “traditional” Siamese Cat (Seal Point)
An animal that you think depicts your personality best
A portrait of your favorite celebrity
Endangered Species
Through the Eyes of a Child
Any Medium: Golf
Christmas in July
an Old English Sheep Dog wearing an outfit
Pumpkins and mice

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

May 2008 Challenge List

These are the challenges for May 2008: 

Something inspired by Pink Floyd
A magical Fairy
Paint, draw, digitally paint Jessie James - my bird!
Doors / Doorways
Gone with the Wind
A Sea Glass Mermaid
Candy …anything to do with candy!
A Pastel Pixie
on a carpet of leaves illuminated by the moon
A Luna Fae
red white and blue patriotic
Flags of the World
An Angelfish Mermaid
Ouroboros (an ancient symbol)
A Cinnamon Fairy
Your reason for Living
A Tattoo Design
A Lemon Meringue Fairy
Red Shoes
Black & White OP ART (Optical Illusion Art style)
Your favourite character (storybook or novel)
A Gothic Fairy
A UFO or Spaceship
What thoughts a world could create
A Turquoise Fairy or Mermaid
Cat Fairy
paint “a play on words” (be literal or far out)
Human Zoo
Greek Mythology (Gods, Heroes, Creatures, etc)
fairy goddess
a Wish Fairy
Spoof of Advertising (see examples)
A Flower Power Fairy
An Artist's Soul
BBW anything with Big Beautiful Women
A Nature Fairy
Pandora’s Box
A Mosaic Mermaid
Depicting the 1970’s
Prehistoric (creatures, plants, landscape, cave art)
Barbie's (Barbie's, ken, the little Barbie's, big sister, etc)
Time machine- depict a period in time you’d like to visit
A December Fairy
Garden Gnome
Arthurian Legend (King Arthur, Round Table, Mists of Avalon)
A Carousel Fairy
Shabby Chic
My Heritage (depict your personal family roots/heritage)
A Latte Fairy
A Pumpkin Patch Pixie
Blue Stars
A strength in numbers
Grain Elevators
Squiggly lines
whatever your favourite music brings to mind
The Labyrinth with David Bowie (movie)
Furred, Feathered and Funny
A swimming manatee
Conflict solving that does not include redemptive violence
I dare you! I double dare you!
Altered Nature
Especially for the men (Sports, hobbies, etc)
Two bears (extra points if they're in "fetish" style)
The Four Seasons (a set of 4)
Use 3rd letter of first name create an animal (eg. L = Lion)
The Third Eye
A Sea Sprite
depict the moon in any style or phase
A Cotton Candy Fairy
Art Card with a 4th of July theme
An elven mermaid
Women for Peace
Create a new ACEO with a fictional short story
create a funny saying - like "when pigs fly", "a barrel of monkeys”
Time (how everyone 'views' time)
Camera's - old and new
In The Dark Skies
An invention that reflects a change in the way we live
Doggie ACEO
Glass Themed ACEO
Grandma in the kitchen cooking or baking

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*

April 2008 Challenge List

pinkglitterfae - Mother's Love

These are the challenges for April 2008: 

paint some flower that is white
a bright colored bird
traditional angel soft innocent etc.
letter of alphabet as a character
Mothers Love
Dancing Animal(s)
paint two cats in love
a collage using found items or trash
paint an abstract based on Spring
a Dog or Puppy playing with something
create a deranged bunny
Salvador Dali inspired ACEO
Light vs Dark
\a volcano
a Pinkpurplegreen dragonfly
a mermaid watching Northern Lights
a colourful beach sunset
a sapphire fairy
interpretation of an emotion
words of wisdom
in honor of mother earth
World Peace
a Cinderella story
lovely fairy or mermaid bride on her wedding day
anything with a Great Blue Heron
a Rooster
rustic charm
an Old English Sheep Dog
Van Gogh style
steampunk inspired
a bee fairy
gothic/vampiric ACEO inspired by these items
Spring Landscape
Steel Magnolias
Classic Car or Hot Rod
A pretty in pink mermaid
To Kill a Mockingbird
Japanese Chin (type of dog)
Day of the Dead
Living Green in honor of earth day
Travelling to distant lands
Things that go Bump in the Night
A whimsical Birthday cake
Tropical Fish
Tropical Cat
Part 1 - Things found in "Nature" - funniest (no cute pets)
Part 2 - Cute Pets doing funny things
A bejewelled mermaid
Guilty Pleasures
Take 5 challenges and roll into one ACEO
Weather Phenomena
Wildflower Fairy
The Blues!
Self portrait - Opposite
Holidays & Traditions
Naughty Babies
Thumb (or finger) print character
Kentucky Derby
A Pumpkin Fairy
Science Fiction
Signs of Life
The Movies
Animal in an environment that it doesn’t belong in
A Pixie riding a comet
Where Birds Live
Flapper Ladies
An opal mermaid
Symbols of Love
Grandma in the Kitchen – cooking or baking
I love Rock ‘N Roll
An apple blossom fairy
Farms (barns, horses, animals from barns, farmers)
A Mardi Gras witch or fairy
Match Point
ACEO that represents the State of California
A card made from some sort of fiber
A tiny bubbles mermaid
Celtic Imagery
A Good Luck Fairy
In the moonlight she found freedom.
Anything to do with Witches
Create a collage representing the state of Florida.
Create an ACEO of a corgi
Create an ACEO that includes a pretty green dragon and a corgi playing.

*Originally Challenged on the ACEO Bounty Team*